Below you’ll find our current actions (with links to participate). You can also scroll down to the end to see our annual GMU-AAUP Win Sheets. These sheets describe the actions, big and small, that have helped Mason’s faculty and students over the past two years.

Current Actions

Extend the time-to-degree clocks for all graduate students

The pandemic has disrupted the lives of Mason’s graduate students, delaying their research and slowing their progress. Together with GAPSA, we are lobbying the Graduate Council to extend the time-to degree clocks for all graduate students.

Click here to sign our petition to support our graduate students

A pathway to tenure for term faculty

Last April, in the Faculty Senate, GMU-AAUP leaders introduced a motion calling for the development of a fair and transparent pathway to tenure for teaching-intensive term faculty. This motion put the issue at the top of the Senate’s agenda for 2021-22.

Stay tuned for upcoming actions in Fall 2021!

Support Mason’s contract workers

Last January, we joined the GMU Coalition for Workers’ Rights to support contract workers at Mason. Our advocacy led to an audit of one contractor, and, after multiple inquiries and a successful petition launch, the admin also announced plans to vaccinate all GMU contract workers.

Click here to sign our petition for a Responsible Contractor Policy at GMU!

Show us the money! Faculty input into budget decisions

Working with four other AAUP chapters across Virginia, we are currently planning a statewide campaign for full access to budget information and more faculty input into budget decisions. Shared governance means showing us the money: where it comes from and where it goes.

Stay tuned for actions on this issue in Fall 2021!

Win Sheets (2019-2021)