GMU-AAUP Vice President Bethany Letiecq addresses the crowd at a rally for an open Presidential search in 2019.

To support our mission to build a better public university for all faculty and students, please become a member of GMU-AAUP by joining the national American Association of University Professors (AAUP). All dues-paying AAUP members who teach or conduct research at George Mason University are automatically members of GMU-AAUP, with full rights and privileges.

To learn more about the benefits of membership, and how your membership supports AAUP initiatives at Mason and across the nation, click here.

Need help with fees? Check out our scholarship program

Don’t let the precarity and austerity of neoliberalism keep you from joining! A group of generous donors has established a scholarship program to help faculty and graduate students pay for an AAUP membership, so they can become full-fledged members of GMU-AAUP. If you are interested in becoming a member, but are concerned about the cost, please contact us to learn about our member scholarship program.

Annual Membership Fees

Your membership fees are based on your annual academic income. The 2021 dues rates are: 

  • Band 1 ($30,000 or less): $67 Annually or $5.58 Monthly
  • Band 2 ($30,001-$40,000): $87 Annually or $7.25 Monthly
  • Band 3 ($40,001-$50,000): $112 Annually or $9.33 Monthly
  • Band 4 ($50,001-$60,000): $138 Annually or $11.50 Monthly
  • Band 5 ($60,001-$70,00): $189 Annually or $15.75 Monthly
  • Band 6 ($70,001-$80,000): $220 Annually or $18.33 Monthly
  • Band 7 ($80,001-$100,000): $247 Annually or $20.58 Monthly
  • Band 8 ($100,001-$120,000): $271 Annually or $22.58 Monthly
  • Band 9 (More than $120,000): $298 Annually or $24.83 Monthly