GMU’s Board of Visitors has raised graduate student tuition twice during the pandemic, increasing the financial burdens of grad students during a time of economic uncertainty. In September 2021, Carol Petty and the Graduate Committee of GMU-AAUP called on the Board of Visitors to reverse these tuition hikes in GMU’s student news source, The Fourth Estate.

In July 2021, GMU-AAUP leaders Tim Gibson, Bethany Letiecq, and Jim Finkelstein published a a co-authored essay in Health Communication. The essay describes GMU-AAUP’s investigation into problems with GMU’s pre-arrival COVID-19 testing in August 2020, our effort to publicize these flaws, and our members’ collective push for improvements. (Click here to read the authors’ version if the link above hits a paywall)

Click here to read our The Washington Post op-ed detailing allegations of worker mistreatment and intimidation and calling for a Responsible Contractor Policy at GMU. Published February 19, 2021. (Image credit: Amanda Voisard for The Washington Post)

In January 2021, GMU-AAUP joined with students, contract workers, and labor leaders from 32BJ SEIU in a spirited car caravan. We drove past Merten Hall to call on President Washington to adopt a Responsible Contractor Policy that protects front-line workers and pays them a living wage. Click here to read Angela Woolsey’s article in the Tysons Reporter. (Image credit: 32BJ SEIU)

Click here to read Michael Vasquez’s article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on GMU’s flawed pre-arrival testing program, coordinated by Kallaco, LLC. The article cites GMU-AAUP President Bethany Letiecq. If you hit a paywall, click here instead.

Click here to read Kate Masters’ article in The Virginia Mercury. It details how AAUP leaders in GMU and VCU discovered serious problems with the at-home testing kit sent by Kallaco to GMU and VCU students in July 2020.

Published in Academe Blog, the online companion to Academe Magazine, this article by GMU-AAUP President Bethany Letiecq and AAUP member Dr. Judith Wilde discusses the high financial and organizational costs of secret presidential searches. (Image credit: GMU-AAUP)

In this opinion piece, GMU-AAUP leaders Tim Gibson and Bethany Letiecq discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mason’s recent search for a new President. Click here to read it in GMU’s excellent student newspaper, The Fourth Estate.

Fairfax Times reporter Angela Woolsey covered GMU-AAUP’s rally for an open and public presidential search in late 2019. Click here to read her article. (Image credit: Angela Woolsey for the Fairfax Times)

After years of struggle, the administration finally released over 30 secret agreements between Koch network donors and GMU. Shockingly, these agreements gave donors a role in shaping curriculum and hiring faculty. In this article, members of Transparent GMU and GMU-AAUP’s Bethany Letiecq discuss their joint struggle for transparency in donor-university relationships.